ALF Study Group for Florida Administrator Exam

Most people fail because they are in shock when they see the first question on the state exam and it requires them to relate the information they've learned into a real-life situation, and they are like, “what!” “I don’t know what to do”, but the reality is you do know what to do, the problem is you haven’t been trained on how to answer the scenario based questions and your brain is not expecting the scenarios.


That is what this study group provides you; the bridge between core training and scenario based practices that will help you pass because you practiced the rules and know what to expect.

Let’s clear the air; I am not a core trainer, and that’s my superpower!

Who I am is someone with experience in running the day to day operations of an ALF and who has a deep understanding of the policies & procedures you will be tested on & is able to train you to translate the rules into real life situations, hence scenarios. 

I am able to think outside of the box and provide you the tools to help you check off this goal, that is to PASS your state exam!

Meet once per week on online

Attend the class until you pass the state exam without paying any other fees

Replays of trainings will be available to you

We will cover scenario-based testing strategies

Review your understanding of the policies and procedure & answer your specific questions.


Hi I am Carline Cadet Francois

I help busy professionals open and operate successful Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs). I teach a roadmap with everything you need for success, from how to open, how to find staff, residents, and maintain a productive and desirable environment.

I will teach you everything you need to know to operate your ALF effectively while keeping a high census of happy residents.

Learn from someone like me who has been there and has opened and managed a successful ALF in Florida.

Learn how to interpret the policies and procedures and how to determine the best answer from someone with practical experience and knowledge of the policies and procedure & who have managed an Assisted Living Facility.

You can delay your dreams and keep paying the McDonald's Institute $200.00 a thousand times or you can enroll in this Study Group and learn the necessary steps to pass the exam.