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Because Freedom is your birthright, you are meant to prosper and thrive!

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I am on a mission to change lives one positive impact at a time. I believe you deserve to live a life free of regrets, with total prosperity and joy; for this reason, I have committed my whole business to helping you find your true calling.

I am here for you to learn with you, to teach you, to encourage you, to help you remember you deserve better and that you can do it!

My whole life changed when I finally believed I deserved better and that I could change my habits and pave a new path where prosperity and happiness live. I am walking that path today and am committed to teaching you how.

Services & Resources to Help You on Your Journey!

Assisted Living Facility

I teach how to start, manage, or invest in one passively. Learn from someone who has been there, done that, and with a background in policy and procedures.


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ALF Study Group for Florida Administrator State Exam

Practical scenario-based practices that bridge the gap between core training and state exam. Enroll today and finally pass that state exam!

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Group Home: Adult Family Care Home

I teach how to start and manage a group home. Group homes are a great starter option for those with limited money & fear of state exams.


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Agency for Adult with Disabilities ADP Group Home

I teach how to start and manage an APD group home. Group homes are another greatest option for making a difference for yourself and the community.

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Self Education & Development

It was self-education that changed my life, not my college degree! I teach the skills to take control of your life and finally thrive.

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Real Estate Investing

Residential & Commercial: Own the real estate and the business. Through Real estate investing, I retired early even though I am a mom of 3 little children.

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Resources for Caregivers and their Families

Self-care tips include how to get a break, how to prevent bedsores, and what mobility equipment to use around the house. See the blog section.

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Resources to create and keep your wealth

Create generational wealth through wise investment strategies, respect for money, and protection of your money. Knowing and making the right decisions makes all the difference.

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Resources for raising money-wise children

Keep the wealth in the family. Generational wealth starts with education, more than having enough money to pass on to your generations. The ability to sustain the money is crucial.

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Carline Cadet Francois believes there is a way to break the chains of poverty, another path to start a new cycle of prosperity and achieve financial freedom. She is a first-generation businesswoman. Carline is committed to helping others achieve generational wealth and live their best lives through education, hard work, and self-discipline. In addition, she believes serving is her calling.


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