Necessary Office Supplies for Assisted Living & Group Homes

May 30, 2024

Necessary Office Supplies for Assisted Living and Group Homes


Ensuring the smooth operation of assisted living and group homes involves more than just providing care; it requires an efficient and well-organized administrative setup. Having the right office supplies can streamline processes, enhance communication, and create a more comfortable environment for both staff and residents. Keep in mind your budget and shop according to what you need the most if necessary. 

Recommended Office Supplies

Here are some highly recommended office supplies available on Amazon to enhance the efficiency and comfort of your assisted living or group home:

File Organizers and Planners: Keep schedules and records in order with durable file organizers and daily planners.

File Organizer:


File Folder:


Hole Punch:

Ring Binder:

Sheet Protectors:


Communication Devices: Reliable communication is vital. Consider also adding cordless phones with multiple handsets. Staff need to be able to move around or have the flexibility to bring the phone to a resident who may not want to come out to use the phone.

Consider adding an additional phone, a cordless phone:

And a regular phone with large numbers:

All-in-One Printers: Save space and increase efficiency with printers that can print, copy, scan, and fax. I love this one!

Label Makers: Easy-to-use label makers and adhesive labels help keep everything organized and easily accessible. These labels go a long way.

Label Maker:

Tab divider:

Ergonomic Office Chairs: Comfortable chairs that support good posture are essential for maintaining staff well-being.

Office Chair: 

Post your menu, tax information, zoning confirmation, resident rights, staff schedule, and anything else that needs to be posted. 

Cork Board:

Push Pins:


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Having the right office supplies is crucial for the smooth and efficient operation of assisted living facilities and group homes. These tools not only help in maintaining organization and communication but also contribute to the overall comfort and productivity of the staff. By investing in these essential supplies, you can ensure a better-managed, more pleasant environment for everyone involved.


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Necessary Office Supplies for Assisted Living & Group Homes

May 30, 2024