My Story

I am the first and leading the way to prosperity for generations to come! My parents separated after I was born. In retrospect, my love for serving our seniors came from my grandmother raising me until I relocated to the United States.

It was weird to me, but somehow, I believed I was born to be more than a poor child with a background of deep poverty. I knew deep inside I could change my story. I started working early to earn money, learned about investment strategies, and began taking steps.

Looking back, in every job I had, I was in the position of serving others. I love people, I love to serve and make a difference. Like you, I wear many hats while working full-time, playing my role as mom, wife, and friend.

But I found time to self-educate through books, podcasts, affirmations, and courses in my spare time. I realized there was a community of like-minded, regular people who achieved extraordinary success through education, a changed mindset, and new healthy habits.

So, I decided to do precisely that and achieved success, including retiring early from the Sheriff's Office!

I'm full of great energy! I love to serve you and see your expression when I help you achieve your goals. I love life; I love to laugh (I often laugh so hard my stomach hurts, lol).

I love to dance; I love to eat white rice (don't judge me); I love to read; I love to listen to music; I love playing with my children; I love to be with the only family I've ever had. I love my husband, and I love how he loves me back.

I find joy in the little things, and that's my superpower!

The point is, I am just as regular as you are; if I can achieve success, so can you, and I believe you will!


I am on a mission to change lives one positive impact at a time. I believe you deserve to live a life free of regrets, with total prosperity and joy; for this reason, I have committed my whole business to helping you find your true calling. 

I am here for you to learn with you, to teach you, to encourage you, to help you remember you deserve better and that you can do it! 

My whole life changed when I finally believed I deserved better and that I could change my habits and pave a new path where prosperity and happiness live. I am walking that path today and am committed to teaching you how.