Your Money Saving Course On How To Open A Residential Assisted Living Facility ALF From Scratch In Florida

Learn the requirements and what it takes to open and manage a successful Assisted Living Facility in Florida. This course is not a one size fits all, it’s designed specifically for those who want to open an ALF in Florida. 


No fluff of crucial steps to opening an Assisted Living Facility in Florida

Requirements necessary to make the opening & managing process smooth

Exact steps and examples to implement

Florida specific steps and procedures to implement

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A simplified blueprint that will help you open, save time, frustration and money. I break down the whole process to make it easy to understand and follow. Don't waste time; learn from someone who went through the process, and discovered the steps that could help you save thousands of dollars.

According to research, the ALF industry will be a $140.8 billion industry by 2030, and it will get even better; Baby Boomers, who are the largest population in the US, all 73 million of them will be 65 and older by 2030.

Don't delay yourself any longer. You might find very few pieces of information, but that information is often confusing and not straightforward. This course is the information you need; I break down the whole process step-by-step and make it easy to understand and follow.


Hi I am Carline Cadet Francois

I help busy professionals open and operate successful Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs)I teach a roadmap with everything you need for success, from how to open, how to find staff, residents, and maintain a productive and desirable environment.

I will teach you everything you need to know to operate your ALF effectively while keeping a high census of happy residents.

Learn from someone like me who has been there and has opened and managed a successful ALF in Florida.

Ready? Let’s do this.


You Will Learn

What it takes to open and manage your Assisted Living Facility (ALF)

Common pitfalls to avoid

Answers to frequently asked questions

How to find residents

How to network to keep referrals coming

How to hire, train, and treat staff with respect, and sometimes, fire staff.

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This Course Includes

Course workbook

Opportunity to access group coaching and join my community on my FB group

Answers to the following frequently asked questions

How many hours should I expect to spend at my ALF?

Will I have a hard time finding clients?

How do I find my first client?

What is the day-to-day of operating an ALF like?

Have you had issues with residents and their family?

Who are Placement Agents?

How do I find Placement Agents?

How are Placement Agents paid?

What do I say to the Placement Agents?

How often should I contact the Placement Agents?

How do I know if I will be successful in this line of business?

Will I be treated differently because of my age?

When should I expect to have my first client?

How long will it take to be full of residents?

What if I have a resident from hell?

How do I get rid of a resident from hell?

How do I find staff?

How do I know how much to pay staff?

How do I know if I should hire someone or not?

How do I know when to fire someone?

What about training my staff?

Who can I use for training?

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