How I Broke up with Poverty and How you can too.

how i broke up with poverty and how you can too. Dec 29, 2023

I had the longest relationship with poverty; it was all that I knew; I was born poor, grew up poor, everyone I knew was poor, and the conversations structured around being poor and what we didn’t have and what was needed but couldn\’t have because we were poor. I always felt this wasn\’t right, that something was missing. I was not sure what and how I could change things.

I Became Aware

One day the light came on, and I saw a YouTube video. That video planted a seed; I became aware what I was feeling was not just weird and that it was because I needed a way out of the poverty trap. God or the universe was speaking to me. So I began searching everywhere, I was not even sure what I was searching for, but I found answers. I found a wealth of information. The more I read and listened, the more I felt I needed to know.

I was at war with my mind

I learned I needed to take control of my mindset. I realized I was conditioned to feel being poor was normal; that some were poor, some were rich, and that was the end. I had to unlearn the lies about the lack of money. That process took time and discipline. I felt weird; I felt stressed; my thoughts were all over the place, and I was uncomfortable.

Friends made fun of me

When I became aware, I was determined to change everything I could about my life and choices. I determined in advance my self-education path how many books, podcasts, and blogs I would read and listen to each year. One day, I discussed my plans with some friends, and they laughed and made fun of my big dreams of having money and making my own schedule.

Here are some big lessons I learned

  • To be careful with who I share my dreams with
  • To leave some friends behind, you can always come back for them later
  • Guard my time and my peace
  • Silence is everything; I began to look for a silent spot to focus and hear my thoughts
  • There are no gaps between people; we were all created to prosper

I have achieved all of the things people made fun of me about. If you are determined and willing to be the purple cat, you can achieve everything you want. We all have a choice; God and the universe are sending reminders that you are meant to be that person you believe you are destined to be. Even if you are not completely clear about who that person is, if you do the work and remain consistent, you will become that person. 

I believe you deserve to live a life free of regrets, with total prosperity and joy; for this reason, I have committed my whole business to help you find your true calling. I am here for you to learn with you, to teach you, to encourage you, and to help you remember you deserve better and that you can do it! My whole life changed when I finally believed I deserved better and that I could change my habits and pave a new path where prosperity and happiness live. I am walking that path today and am committed to teaching you how.


Stay tuned for my 7 Steps to getting out of Poverty Book!


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