Untold Secrets about how I wrote the How to Open an Assisted Living Facility Book.

untold secrets about how i wrote the how to open an assisted living facility book. Dec 29, 2023

I wanted to write this book to simplify the process for others. However, I almost gave up so many times. The struggles I went through to understand the basic process were painful. Like everything else in life, starting something new is almost always tricky. I knew this from the start, but I was sometimes overwhelmed by how hard the whole process was.

Here are some significant things I struggled with:

  • Confusion with terms; for example, one requirement is to submit emergency preparedness plans during the licensing process. Some people have multiple names for the same plan. How was I supposed to know they were talking about the same plan?


  • Finding the time to write the book- I spent countless hours at the park, sitting in my car, and writing while the kids were at school. If I went home, I’d be doing something else and distracted by so much to do around the house.
  • Letting go- yes, I had to let go that the information in the book was everything I went through. I want to save you so much pain that I would review the information repeatedly to ensure I didn’t miss anything.

I am proud! That the book is done! It will make a difference for you and save you from the struggle. I am proud you are taking the steps necessary to achieve your dreams. I am proud of the lives you will change. I am excited to see you succeed!

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